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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


© 2010-2019 Black Corps Ascendancy / The Maergzjiran Cabal.

All information contained herein is the sole property of the AGM (Raszarith).


Having taken from the original Chains of the Abyss written by the Cabal's patriarch, Sybastien Drujziya and his personal council, and improved on them in light of modern day trials and circumstances, here now are written the Chains of the Abyss, or Tenets of Discipleship.  Every Disciple of the Cabal adheres to these rules and for good reason: they protect us and bind us closer together as a solid operational unit bound by loyalty and duty.  No one is exempt from the Chains, including the Masters of the Towers of Apotheosis, and even the Ascended Grand Master.  Strict observance is kept before the Blighted to ensure that every Disciple is safeguarded and given equal respect and care.  Those who grossly stray from the Chains may be subject to an inquest, whereby they can be deemed an Oath Breaker, and therefore branded apostates of the Maergzjiran Cabal.

I.  Never reveal the secrets of the Maergzjiran Cabal to the uninitiated, unless by strict direction of the Black Council.


II.  Enemies of the Cabal shall not be tolerated excepted be for subterfuge or when giving quarter.  When an enemy should seek to do you harm in any form, then by the Thirteen you are charged to confront and destroy them.  Needless confrontations over petty disputes are not endorsed by the Blighted Lords; only that which may deliver real harm to one’s physical body, emotional stability, spiritual development, family unity, or the health of loved ones, financial security, or overall dignity in one’s realm of influence or invested social outlets.

III.  Completion of the foundational exercises and rites as contained in the introductory Discipleship educational material must be successful and assessed by one’s mentor and approved by the Master or Mistress of the Disciple’s respective Tower before becoming privy to further ritual education and opportunity for promotion and ascension within the Cabal.

IV.  Continued adherence to the magickal-spiritual path must be observed by all Disciples to retain a state of favor from the Thirteen, and good standing within the Cabal.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Daily recitation of the Maergzjiran Oath

  • Regular meditation

  • Performing daily, weekly, and special rites on sacred days and during empowered lunar nights such as on the new and full moon

  • Reaffirming the blood pact during the Season of the Witch

  • Regular updates made to the Disciple journal

  • Fasting on specified times and dates to empower ritual, and done so in the name of one’s Patron or Patroness; or, as sacrifice to assist others in their time of need; or, out of respect and supplication to their Patron or Patroness, allied Spirits, Servitors, and Legionnaires.

V.  Strict observance shall be made of all Unholy Hours, that is, the sacred days of the calendar.  This observance should be met with appropriate sacrifice by the Disciple such as a single or multi-day water fast, celebration and revelry, offerings of food and libations at the altar in reverence to the Spirits, etc.

VI.  Obedience to a superior Disciple shall be endured when a request or order is given, breaking of the Chains of the Abyss excepted.  In the instance of the breaking of Chains, the Disciple ordered with such a demand is to report to any of the Imperators, Tower Masters, or Ascended Grand Master.

VII.  Complete fealty shall be given to the Thirteen Blighted Lords, their Spirits and Demons in attendance, the Ascended Grand Master, and the Masters of the Towers of Apotheosis respectively.

VIII.  No Brother or Sister Disciple shall be named of any degree, rank, or title unless honored so by the direct decision of a unanimous vote by the Master or Mistress of a Tower of Apotheosis, or by the direct order of the Ascended Grandmaster.

IX.  Apostates will be named, branded, and marked according to a majority decision by the Black Council, which must include all Imperators, or by direct order of the Ascended Grand Master, as being charged by and through the Thirteen.

X.  Apostates shall either be excommunicated, that is, entirely removed from the Cabal, forever cut off from the Cabal’s activities, teachings, and communications with Disciples, or as decided according to the Black Council, or by the Ascended Grand Master as duly noted above.

XI.  An apostate shall be named of any Disciple who, upon initiation:

  • Denounces magickal-spiritual practice, the authority and supremacy of the Thirteen Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah, including their attending Spirits and Demons of their respective Tower and domains, dominion, servitors, and legionnaires;

  • Denounces the Maergzjiran Cabal;

  • Rejects the authority of the Ascended Grand Master, Masters of the Towers, and Imperators;

  • Willfully harms physically, mentally, and/or spiritually, betrays, or speaks the secrets of another Disciple if not duly ordered, or otherwise knowingly seeks ill will toward another Disciple in any form;

  • Counteracts the ritual and mundane works of another Disciple who, by through their works and thoughts, is still functioning entirely within the bounds of the Chains of the Abyss;

  • Impedes another’s apotheosis;

  • Targets a Disciple  with their own spells, rituals, psychic projection, or physical handling if expressly told not to prior, or in a negatively projected manner.  In the event of utilizing beneficial Maergzjiran channels, this should be discussed as best to one’s ability to further facilitate positive resolution;

  • Challenges the Cabal hierarchy and/or the mandates of the Thirteen as communicated and exercised into Cabal structure, and individual action;

  • Grossly neglects the duties of their rank, station, or title such as refusing to fulfill an order or mandated, consistently failing to perform according to their title and position, abruptly withdrawing from the Cabal without due notice, or a plan to reassure stability, & etc.;

  • In any way either directly or implied disrespects or works against the Thirteen and all Spirits and Demons who hail beneath them, the Cabal, and all that these entities universally and completely contained herein by those two bodies stand for.


XII.  Disciples shall show extended gratitude to their mentors and Imperators for their teachings by extending acts of service unto them such as, but not limited to: cleaning their ritual area, preparing meals, making a small personal sacrifice, etc.

XIII.  None outside of the Cabal shall be privy to non-publicly disclosed techniques, knowledge, magickal rites, business information, and et cetera that pertains to the Cabal in any form.

XIV.  Every Disciple shall reaffirm their blood pact with the Thirteen during the Season of the Witch unless grave circumstance would detour this.

XV.  When able, one shall give to another Brother or Sister Disciple’s relief as liberally as possible without causing burden to oneself including, but not limited to: nourishment, shelter, coin, harboring secrets, and emotional comfort.

XVI.  No secret shall be withheld by a Disciple unto Imperators, Masters, or the Ascended Grand Master.

XVII.  Upon completion of your first blood pact with the Thirteen, you are henceforth committing to:

  • Giving a personal gift unto the Cabal discussed and approved by your respective Tower’s Master, which includes, but is not limited to:

    • — A financial donation

    • — Occupational skills

    • — Spiritual gift (healing, divination, mediumship, etc.)

  • Honorably represent the Cabal according to its Tenets of Etiquette;

  • Dutifully study, master, and represent your chosen Tower of Apotheosis;

  • Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually;

  • Attend Coven and other Cabal gatherings as frequently as possible;

  • Report another Disciple who has broken the Chains of the Abyss;

  • Conform to the newly mandated directives of the Thirteen as communicated through the Ascended.


XVIII.  All Imperators and Ascended will attend the Season of the Witch Coven unless catastrophic cause will render them unable.  This must be discussed with the Council and sufficient proof given to support this claim.

XIV.  The voice and hand of the Ascended Grand Master is the voice and hand of Maergzjirah.  Therefore, when the Ascended Grand Master extends a mandate as communicated by the Thirteen, it should be respected and considered by all Disciples to be the spoken word and action taken directly by the Thirteen, rendering his or her words and actions absolute.

The Chains of the Abyss are complimented by the Icosahedron, or Twenty Disciple Duties, and the Tenets of Etiquette, which detail conduct, behavior, uniform, and governance of self when representing the Cabal, or when gathered together for Coven.  The Icosahedron and Tenets of Etiquette are not part of the law of the Cabal, but rather as helpful directives which impress considerable attention to ourselves to create a stronger Cabal, and facilitate the emergence of more enriching relationships with our brethren.