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Modern Lineage of the Ascended Grand Master of the Maergzjiran Cabal.

From the conception of the Maergzjiran Cabal in 1436 to the present day, we have observed a lineage which has held together the unity of the all Disciples worldwide, established a proper foundation for teaching the occult arts, fought for personal liberties and religious/spiritual freedom and protected those who have been persecuted by the major religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Detailed below is a ledger of the historical files still surviving today.


These archives give us a better understanding of the individuals who came to oversee the development and survival of the Cabal.

Patriarch.  1436 - 1492.  Hungary.  Iron Throne.
As the truly first of the ancestral bloodline, Sybastien was little more than a teenager when he made the pact with Cernobog.  It was from his loyalty to his people and seething lust for vengeance that he was able to willfully call to the Black God and forge the pact.  He lived to be 71 in mortal years before ascending to Maergzjirah.  Aside from the formation of the Cabal, he is best known for having placed a death mark on Fra Giacomo, the Austo-Hungarian Vatican Inquisitor responsible for slaying his people.  The death mark was placed on the enemy May 16, 1440, which lead to an abrupt end of Giacomo and thusly removed the Inquisition's presence from Hungary for a long while.

Matriarch.  1492 - 1513.  Hungary/Syria.  Atrophy.
The wife of Sybastien and adviser to all in the Cabal.  She was a great necromancer from Syria who, upon settling affairs in Hungary following her husband's ascension, returned to Ottoman Syria in order to reclaim a large sector of Damascus which was the base for the Necromancers in the area.  There, she also learned the knowledge of perfected soul phylacteries which are used to attain a level of immortality and transfiguration through spiritual and magickal energy transference via ritual.

Patriarch.  1513 - 1536.  Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Yemen/Ethiopia.  Atrophy.
As a close friend of both Sybastien and Syra, upon her leaving Etheris, she had made it known to appoint Amit as the new master of the Cabal.  He took his fight back to his homeland of Saudi Arabia in order to recover the relics of many royal tombs.  However, in the conflict with the Ottoman Muslims, he was slain while awakening a royal bloodline who followed the Shaitanic mystic path in secret.  His sacrifice opened the gateway to new information and ritual arts being brought back to the Cabal's core of knowledge for the Tower of Atrophy.

— From 1536 - 1557 there were no individuals to oversee the Cabal.  It was however run by the unified efforts of the Masters of the Towers of Apotheosis. —

Ascended Grand Mistress.  1557 - 1608.  Germany/Hungary.  Atrophy/Nocturnus.
Made the Mistress of Atrophy in 1554, she began to amass an army of undead spirits and eventually become Lich, or in her German tongue, Leiche.  She traced steps from her homeland of Germany back to Hungary in order to reclaim the sacred places from both Christians and the Turks.  After winning multiple decisive battles against both the local churches that not yet been destroyed as well as against the Ottomans who were occupying eaastern Hungary, she was able to finalize her rites and ascend into undeath apotheosis.  Elise is credited with multiple additions to the cache of knowledge found in the Tower of Atrophy such as the much of Sylvan Necromancy rituals.

Ascended Grand Master/Apostate.  1608 - 1610.  Germany.  Whispers.
Against the mandate of the Blighted Lords, Elzik attacked a farmstead in western Germany in order that he might indulge his lust with the six daughters who lived in that home. His actions were unjust, against the word of the Blighted Lords, and in the coming days, placed countless Disciples in the area at the chopping block. Therefore, after two and half years at the helm of the Cabal, Elzik was branded an apostate, flayed alive, suspended, and tortured for an additional six months daily until Zazazel finally called him to Keraktes to be completely exterminated from existence.

Ascended Grand Master.  1610 - 1677.  England/Ireland/Romania.  Atrophy/Secrets.
Johan was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family, but the life of a dandy was not his desire.  He studied in darkened halls beside clandestine monks and priests who had turned from the Church in secret.  He studied across Europe and even retraced the early Cabal's works in Syria, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  His studies brought him back to England where he firmly established the Cabal's presence beside a select Council.  Much of his work was focused on education, literacy and seeing to the proper interment of Cabal Disciples and securing the sacred burials of the Cabal's ancestors.  He is credited with the necromantic Harventine rituals which could cause a full merging of past lives into the current incarnation with full knowledge and memories of times lost.

Ascended Grand Master.  1678 - 1781.  England/American Colonies.  Iron Throne/Void/Maladies.
Lord Corsten, knighted by the Crown was in fact a turncoat who worked directly to expose the corruption of the Church of England.  He then supported the early colonization efforts in the North America by the English renegades.  William is said to have lived over 130 years due to an extreme ritual regimen and his understanding of elixirs.  His knowledge was further improved after meeting with the American Indian tribes.  He is instrumental in the establishment of the Maergzjiran Cabal's first real presence outside of Europe.

Ascended Grand Mistress.  1781 - 1822.  United States/France/Hungary/Russia.  Fallen.
The right hand of William Corsten; upon his passing into the Void, she returned to Europe to inform the mass formation of the Cabal.  Upon her return, she was found to be the most suitable Mistress among the Council to oversee the Cabal due to her works beside her AGM.  Much of her work focused on reestablishing the Cabal's strength and presence throughout Europe as well as educating those Disciple who still continued to be persecuted, ostracized, and even hunted for their spiritual affiliation.  One story in the Cabal's archives credits Celeste with healing one of the Habsburg children who had run off and been attacked by wolves during the royal family's travels along the countryside.  This earned a period of overlooking in which the Cabal was able to operate more openly without worry about being under scrutiny by authorities or persecuted by the Crown-funded witch hunters.

Ascended Grand Master.  1823 - 1854.  Hungary.  Iron Throne.
During his reign, Anton held the Cabal to a new standard of discipline, scholarship and loyalty.  He is credited with personally hunting over seventy apostates, witch hunters and betrayers of the magickal path.  He redefined the methods of Etherian demonic conjuration as well as established a higher standard for how Etherian sorcerers should approach the demonic realm as well as how to properly channel their invoked energies from the infernal entities they worked with.  He is further credited with training an elite squad of Disciples who went on to establish prestigious positions in society such as diplomats, politicians and retainers to aristocrats and royalty alike.  All of these positions of course were used for purposes of subterfuge, blackmail and to earn the favor of a more advantageous Lord or Lady.

Ascended Grand Master.  1854 - 1963.  Russia/Hungary.  Maladies/Pain.
"The Wolf of Kazan" as he was known within the Cabal, Demyan was a vile, bloodthirsty and purely malevolent individual.   He was given the title of AGM as the young age of nineteen as he was blessed with the touch of Dranimarsh upon his birth; his mother literally putrefying during his birth.  He sought out those who kept to the Old Ways and firmly established his mastery at a young age.  It was much believed that he was a sort of demigod with his mother, a green witch having made a pact with the Lord of Maladies and sealing it through bearing his Etherian child.  He fought in numerous battles throughout his life, creating a large collection of trophies.  He is further credited with having summoned Dranimarsh to full manifestation at one point in order to cause a terrible curse of disease and blight to attack those governmental agents who were seeking to neutralize the Cabal and its presence in Russia.  This final act is said to have been a lethal sacrifice on his part to secure the security of the Cabal.

Ascended Grand Master.  1963 - 2010.  Hungary/Syria/United States.  Iron Throne/Atrophy.
Born in 1937, Ivan was a proud Hungarian nationalist who eventually came across obscure references to a clandestine "Satanic" cult near his hometown.  This lead to his meeting with Demyan, the Wolf of Kazan.  Ivan quickly rose to a state of incredible power by combining the teachings of the first Patriarch and his wife, Syra.  His communion was so strong that it was said that he had informed the Cabal in Hungary of Demyan's passing at the moment in which Dranimarsh had been summoned.  In his life, he worked to reestablish the now heavily waning Cabal which was seeking to go deeply underground in order to keep itself out of the focus of society, government and the religious institutions that oversaw the country.  He did much by way of improving the number of Disciples in the Cabal as well as teaching them the true arts of the Left Hand Path as opposed to the perversions found so commonly in the modern era.

Ascended Grand Master.  2010 - Present.  United States.  Atrophy/Cressen.
Through the use of social media and widespread technology, Emrick brought the Cabal to the forefront of the occult world.  His approach to the Left Hand Path drastically rallied against the usual current of Judeo-Christian-Islamic-influenced sorcery.  Through publicly released grimoires and relics anchored in Maergzjiran mysticism and sorcery, he as enlightened may, which returned readers to the practices of old without the use of Solomonic or Judeo-Christian-Islamic methods of operation.  His focus further worked to expand the Cabal's name and influence into every continent aside from Antarctica.