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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


© 2010-2018 Black Corps Ascendancy / The Maergzjiran Cabal

For individuals who are both initiated Disciples of the Maergzjiran Cabal, and those who study independently as Outer Disciples, this is a 10-12 week correspondence course between you and AGM Antimyr aimed at helping you aggressively pursue mastery in your studies, understanding, and complete control of your spiritual craft, with all of this focused on achieving apotheosis.

Each three month intensive will be focused on your chosen Tower of Apotheosis, with custom tailored techniques, insights, and rituals. Novices will learn the basics and begin developing total oneness with the current of their Tower and it's Patrons, Patronesses, and the Blighted Lord or Lady who oversees that dominion. Intermediate levels will learn advanced rites, work with developing a phylactery, and preparing for the master rites. Master level training will focus on the rites of apotheosis and sealing your transcendent god aspect within.

If you are unsure of which course to take, please feel free to inquire with us, and we can discuss further where you're at on your path, and what you aim to achieve. 

AGM Antimyr reserves the right to deny tutelage to anyone he feels is incapable of maintaining a respectful teacher-student relationship, and also to instruct at a less advanced level of focus if he feels the individual is not yet ready for more advanced workings. 

Apotheosis Ascendancy Training

Tower of Apotheosis: