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"Autem Libris Iratusque Mortis: The Compleat Works of Atrophy" by Antimyr.

Autem Libris Iratusque Mortis - Pre-Order

  • This massive grimoire comprises all of the teachings of the Tower of Atrophy which were all entirely specialized and passed down through oral tradition since 1436. Further, it discusses the absolute mastery of necromancy in the very advanced aspects of the deadly arts including: the arte of transfiguration, golems and necromantic reanimation, thanatonic alchemy, living and undead zombies, essence weaving, spirit working, death magick, deicide, sanguine and spiritual vampirism, the whole of Charnel Whispers and Spiritus Libro Mortifero and it even contains the complete sections from the An'dul-Vaerith; the most notorious and extreme grimoire ever composed on the topic of necromancy and grave theurgy. The An'dul-Vaerith is the personal grimoire of the Buried King, Zazazel and therefore, the rites he has set forth are capable of truly unleashing the Underworld in this realm.

    This volume is extremely limited, hardcover, signed by the author and marked with sigils on the flyleaf all in blood inks. Pre-order copies include a special spirit summoning cloth and your choice of an An'dul-Vaerith Lich talisman, or an An'dul Vaerith Vampir talisman. Both are made from human bone and are uniquely empowered to aggressively invoke the power of the Lich and Vampir respectively.  Please ensure to mark it accordingly on the order form, or we will pick for you.


    We are no longer accepting pre-orders.  Those who have pre-ordered will receive production updates via email as they become available.