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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


© 2010-2018 Black Corps Ascendancy / The Maergzjiran Cabal

If you walk the Left Hand Path, or truly any path counter to the Jude-Christian-Islamic world stranglehold, you will undoubtedly arouse the disdainful contention of celestial (angelic/holy) spirits. Spiritual warfare ensures which can result in all manner of I'll fortune, sickness, pain, even death for the practitioner. If you haven't already watched the Spiritual Warfare discussion series by Somnus Dreadwood on YouTube, we encourage you to! The result of celestial interference and spiritual warfare can be damning, and at the least very exhausting. Let AGM Antimyr go to the front lines for you. He is well versed in removing negative influences from one's life, breaking down the chains and strongholds placed on you by celestial spirits, and can free you from their polluted energies and presences in your life. 

Once contracted, we will contact you to acquire more information about your individual situation. Services will be video recorded for you to download and review.

Celestial Anguish Banishing & Protection