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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


© 2010-2019 Black Corps Ascendancy / The Maergzjiran Cabal.

All information contained herein is the sole property of the AGM (Raszarith).

When we need help, know that the spirits are always there to assist. Regardless of your troubles, we know the proper spirits to call upon and the method to employ their wisdom and assistance. This is a very broad range that can be covered as there is virtually no limit to who or what we can called to assist, or for what purpose. If you're hitting the wall, just reach out and the spirits shall reach back.

Helping Hands of the Spirits

  • When you acquire this service, we will contact you in order to collect the following: full name, date of birth, a current picture and some background information regarding your situation.

    Also, understand that ritual work is not a guarantee and you cannot simply sit by idly either. We will discuss with you how you can help as well.  After discussing all of this, we will send you a document to sign as it is merely an acknolwedgment of this counsel.