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"Profane Seals: A Compendium of Vile Sigil Magick - Vol.I" by Somnus Dreadwood.  Signed and sigil-marked.

Profane Seals Vol. I - Signed Edition

  • Profane Seals presents to you a new series of rituals and techniques focused around the utilization of sigils for nearly every purpose imaginable. Each book of the grimoire discusses new outlets for calling forth Demons, Fallen Angels, Spirits, Draelith, Ancient Spirits, the Old Spirits, Draconic Gods, the Undead, familiars, servitors, and personal attending demonic spirits; firing off godly powers of light, dark, and all things in between: healing to causing death, invoking supernatural powers, opening planar gateways, contacting spirits, seals of necromantic might, possession, abysmal and carnal magicks, and much more. With literally hundreds of sigils and their individuals uses explained alongside the magickal techniques for unleashing the powers of the seals, you have an amazingly potent book of magick now in your hands.

    This special edition is paperback, but signed by the author and Asended Grandmaster of the Cabal, Somnus Dreadwood in blood-based inks and sigil-marked on the flyleaf. Strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide.