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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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"The Left Hand: The Cabal Grimoire of Walking in Darkness" by Somnus Dreadwood.  Signed and sigil-marked.

The Left Hand - Signed Edition

  • The Left Hand is both a grimoire that breaks down the rites and spells of many commonly sought after foci for those who come to the mystic path as it also details working with Demons and Spirits, accounts the exile of the Blighted Lords, exposes the truth of the Judeo-Chrisitian-Islamic hypocrisy, heresy, mass murder, and control beside the governmental tyranny and religious profiling that is plaguing walkers of the Old Ways. This tome has some of Somnus Dreadwood’s personal philosophies about the political/social/religious state of the world and with the loss of freedoms how our sect of the spiritual spectrum will soon be targeted by another new Inquisition. This tome also details his communications between Cernobog, Satan, Asmodeus, and Zazazel. Herein given is the component formula and vampiric ritual that he used to save his father's life. At the end, we have the rites of self-initiation into the Nigrum Ecclesia Gehennae; a universal body of Disciples of the Left Hand Path who are joining across the planes to fight the corruption and blight that is the JCI in Etheris and which takes other forms in other planes. There is also given the details of invoking the powers of many ancient Demons, the methods of spiritual assassination, walking through unseen and guarded paths, and reaching apotheosis via magickal mastery and immortal invocation.

    This special edition is paperback, but signed by the author and Asended Grandmaster of the Cabal, Somnus Dreadwood in blood-based inks and sigil-marked on the flyleaf. Strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide.