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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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History of the Maergzjiran Cabal

October 8, 2017

The Temple of Maergzjirah was founded in 1436 in Hungary as a response to the Inquisition which was ravaging non-Christian communities throughout Europe.  For centuries we have been bringing disciples of all spiritual backgrounds into the fold of our craft and joining their knowledge and power to the essence that flows through all Disciples.


It is vitally important to recognize the historical formation and operation of the early Cabal and how it came to be in today’s world.  As mentioned, the Drujziya tribe was the name taken among a nomadic gypsy colony that made their way throughout Hungary, Romania and part of Turkey.  They had made a semi-permanent home near the outskirts of Veszprem, Hungary, a small city located toward the western side of the country slightly north of Lake Balaton.  Unfortunately, the witch hunters and mercenaries paid by the Vatican had entered into the area under Fra Giacomo della Marca in 1436.  Despite their efforts to plead with the Catholic hunters, the gypsies were set upon and slain due to their unrepentant spiritual beliefs.  Under charges of heresy, blasphemy, devil worship, lechery, sodomy, divination, necromancy and necrophilia, witchcraft, communing with toads, summoning spirits, spelling [the Christian faithful] and myriad other absurd claims, the Drujziya were put to sword and fire rather than be arrested and tortured into confession and conversion.


This is where the story of the Maergzjiran Cabal takes its truest roots.  In the beginning, the Drujziya were very spiritual, but their mysticism was more closely related to ancestor worship found in the East and geomancy, which is the magickal practices aligned with the elements.  In essence, they were similar to the practices of the Old Ways of Western European witchcraft without as much sorcery and ritual involved.  If anything, the Drujziya were guilty of invoking energies and powers for the purposes of gaining clarity and foresight.


In 1436, Fra Giacomo led the charge into the makeshift hamlet the gypsies had made for themselves.  It was in the depths of winter when fire engulfed their huts, wagons, stands and pens for livestock.  Surrounded, they quickly fell to the volley of arrows and sword blades.  However, there remains only one known survivor of the tribe…  Sybastien Drujziya.  Severely injured and nearing death, he was able to sneak away into the blinding snow storm that ravaged the countryside.  After days of trudging through the snow, he happened upon an empty farmhouse in what is now Balatonalmádi.  December 18th, 1436… there, with fleeting strength and time to live, Sybastien performed a ritual, asking any person, spirit, demon or other entity to help him, claiming his soul would be theirs.  History tells that the storm had gained intensity and from the moonlit snow came the Black God, Cernobog.

Cernobog is known by many names and is first rooted in Slovakian lore.  However, this demonic host felt mercy for Sybastien; hearing his pleas through the aether and decided to come to his relief.  Cernobog told him that even in his quasi-physical body, he could shed his blood and offer it to Sybastien.  This marked the blood pact made which would form the groundwork of the Maergzjiran Cabal.


Over the following years Sybastien took heed of the whispers told to him, guiding him to form a new tribe.  He had inherited the blood of a nocturnal demonic god and vowed that he would use it to not only hand deliver vengeance on the life of Fra Giacomo, but he would also create a safe haven for all who lived by the mystic path so that they would have a standard to live and fight under against the oppression of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Understandably, they were forced to live by a strict code of secrecy in order to evade the hunters who murdered in the name of “Christ”, “God” and “Allah”.  It is vital to know that Hungary was the last stronghold that stood against the Ottoman Empire which was the military force of Islam as it made its way into Europe.  Therefore, being surrounded by the Vatican’s assassins and the vast Ottoman force, the mutually hated Maergzjiran Cabal, resting in the middle could easily have been slaughtered to the last man had they not lived according to the demands of secrecy and anonymity enforced among every man, woman and child in the Cabal.



May 16, 1440…    Operating from Veszprem once again over the ashes of the Drujziya tribe’s last stand, Sybastien set out to utterly obliterate the man responsible for the murder of his family and friends.  On this day, it was confirmed that by Sybastien dark magicks, a deathmark had been placed on the soul of Fra Giacomo - the Supreme Inquisitor of the Austrian/Hungarian Inquisition.  He drew his last breath.  This brutal curse caused Fra to almost instantly abandon his post as Austro-Hungarian Inquisitor as well as removing himself from the works beside the Holy See, before finally succumbing to the multi-layered thrashing rooted in Maergzjirah and its dark magicks. His death mask shown here survives as does his corpse in Monteprandone.  This information is confirmed by the Vatican, with stating that his absence and death were "under suspicious circumstances".  This has been further documented in “A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, Volume 2” by Henry Charles Lea.


In 1492, the Hungarian Black Army, which was a juggernaut made of mercenaries paid by the Hungarian crown to hold back the Turks began to disband, allowing the Ottomans were able to finally make their way into Europe through the Hungarian passage.  When their homeland fell to the Ottoman Empire, the Cabal had to dig even deeper into the social underground to avoid detection and persecution.  Like the ninja of Feudal Japan, they became masters of disguise, culture and language in order to integrate themselves into societal and religious circles.  This gave them greater influence to ascend the social and religious hierarchy.  Because of this ability, the Cabal was able to spread quickly into Italy, Germany, Spain and even England.  It also gave them a great deal of security as documents could be easily forged to keep known Disciples out of suspicion or pardoned in the event they had been arrested.  This process had continued into the modern era.


In 1949, the Soviet Union’s oversight of the Hungarian People’s Republic; a communist state operating as the governing body of Hungary proved to make life difficult on all religious bodies.  This however was very focused with hit squads still persecuting Pagans and mystics around the country who spoke out against the post war reform.  This continued until 1989 when revolt challenged the government and eventually led to Western-style democracy.  Because of this continued brutality, the Cabal continued to remain a solely underground and secret organization to avoid backlash of any varied sort.


In the early 1990’s, the much smaller Maergzjiran Cabal began to emerge locally, having certain constitutional protections in place.  Looking through family records, following the guidance of the Spirits, current Arch of the Maergzjiran Cabal, Somnus Dreadwood reached out to individuals believed to be surviving distant relatives.  This began a series of communications and meetings by the Hungary-based Masters Council with Somnus and students he had been teaching.  In 2009, the Grand Master of the age, Arakohn appointed Somnus as Master of the Tower of Atrophy.  Little more than a year later, in 2010, his soul departed Etheris and was called home to Maergzjirah.  In a letter left among the Masters Council, he appointed Somnus to inherit the mantle of the Cabal; becoming its new Grand Master.  Since, Somnus has worked to make the Cabal a more publicly known organization, making the Order’s teachings available in grimoires available on global markets and introduced an open door for those desiring to join the Cabal through Discipleship.


The Maergzjiran Cabal focuses extensively on the pursuit of apotheosis.  James Dean said it best, "The only greatness for man is immortality."  One might ask how such a thing is possible?  One might argue at its impossibility.  We however know otherwise.  We have seen the changes take place and we actively attain this perpetual immortality through intensive practice and individual ritual.  As an order of highly intelligent, studious, and well-versed individuals, we explore new methods, test various theories, and actively work to make this process occur.  Perhaps a person's works lead them to immortality as a living legend or that they may be united with their deity upon leaving this world of flesh.


As individuals, we focus on apotheosis.  As an organization, we seek to educate, empower, and ultimately change the world by helping to positively change the lives of others.  Our works are already seen throughout the continents though we've left no calling card.  The residual energies that flood this world from the moment we execute the ritual to those that wane after the rite has manifested seep into even the finest cracks in this world.  No doubt you've felt these energies, but did not know their origin.  However, you were brought here by no chance or coincidence.  The Cabal operates as a powerful body of spiritualists who are changing the world we live in every day and changing how people perceive the fable and fantasy that is the magickal path.


We use everything available to us and manifest what is not in order to accomplish our goals.  We take on Disciples both holding extensive knowledge of the occult and spirituality just as often as we accept those who are new to the path.  Why?  Because in doing so, every Disciple benefits from new knowledge, new perspectives, and from one another's experiences.  By our works, we've made men leaders, changed lives of those who were at rock bottom into a life of comfort and tranquility, educated those who sought tirelessly for purpose, and through our works we strive to continue to change the world for the better.  We do this by helping others to better themselves; that they may change their lives and the world around them.  We look to one another, ancestors, and our deities for guidance, strength, and clarity in our hours of need and through this establishing a tradition of respect, and deep wisdom.

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