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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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Laudare Deos Tenebris

October 8, 2017


"Praise the Dark Gods!" The Coven shouted as they opened the ritual circle before them.  This cryptic phrase was known to all in the Coven yet to each celebrant, the meaning was different.  For some it represented the Goetic Spirits, for others it was the Egyptian deities, others still: a personal pantheon of spirits, demons and mostly forgotten divinities.  They had come together in reverence and respect with many goals in mind, yet they invoked those who they had known so well.  This is much the same for the Cabal.


Certainly it is no mystery that we utilize the Thirteen Blighted Lords and their respective Towers of Apotheosis for the structure and guide to help us achieve personal mastery of life and spirit, but that's what this path was based around.  There has been—especially in recent years—far too much speculation and useful time lost on the concept of Satan/Shaitan/The Devil in relation to our work.  It is utterly absurd for us to  think of the "Adversary" in any confining definition.  Having proven to pre-date virtually all other deities through by different names, Satan showed his vast dominion in various cultures and religions.  He was not evil until the advent of Judaism.  Christianity carried the torch from there and passed it off to the Muslims.  Satan is not what the JCI would make him out to be.  And I simply use "he" to speak in a general fashion.


Consider the limitlessness of the cosmos and this most ancient and noble god.  As we see in Demonolatry and here in the Cabal alike, we develop extremely respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with the Demons.  Oh, by the way, "Demon" at its base is a "spirit guardian", or if you have the mental capacity to look beyond conventional thought, it translates to "a divine being replete with wisdom".  The level of intimacy in which we share with these perceivably "dark" entities is much more than we would ever give to our coworkers, associates, most friends or even family in our personal realm of influence.  These Demons are invoked and given all knowledge of true, unhidden self.  They become a part of us and we a part of them.  To many of us, because of their power and wisdom; their eternal reign, they are gods to us.  Some worship, but the Cabal generally does not worship.  Rather, we venerate and pay great homage and give many offerings and always the utmost respect.


So now to the million dollar question...  Who is Satan?  Shaitan, Azazel, Iblis... Again, too much energy and time is wasted on debate when the real answer can be found in communion.  Consider who you are and what Satan has done for you when you've called upon his name.  Therein lies your answer.  As an ancient and universal deity, Satan becomes the embodiment of all that you and your craft are.  He encircles our being with his strength, bestows his wisdom and insights while helping us to achieve a new standard of ritual intensity.  Through him we can find eternity and open gates to other worlds, crafts, paths and beings.  Take a look at your pantheon.  Satan simply encircles and empowers it passively and will answer to assist as you call.  To you he may be a mighty warlord or a comforting father figure.  Satan can be that wise teacher or a lord of pestilence and disease as equally as he is a healer and bestower of luck and blessings.


​​In the end, it matters not by what name or dominion you may attribute.  All that matters is respect to be given.  Continue your works as you will, but now with a greater knowing of the shroud that surrounds you and your works... This is the Dark One himself.  It all comes together in those words of exaltation, "Laudare Deos Tenebris!—Praise the Dark Gods!"




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