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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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Manifesting Magick

October 8, 2017

It is the absolute pinnacle of any conjuration; the very apex of masterfully executed ritual: the manifestation of a Spirit.  It is also the very exact result we hope to see from our rituals: the manifestation of the desired outcome.  Magick is not an absolute science like math.  In the deep, mysterious realm of spirituality and religion we must take into account everything that occurs beyond our sensory experience.  How can we even imagine to endeavor to do so without having our senses confirm something or observe it?  This is where most have a very difficult time accepting the reality of the occult sciences.  To most, if you can't experience something with your human senses then it does not exist.  This is a very direct, logical and scientific approach.  There's nothing wrong with this either.  However, to the advanced student of sorcery, this is a common experience; to have only vague flashes of insight or a split second vision of something.  Manifestation of a Spirit is also entirely possible, but again, when you are attempting to utterly defy quantum principles or natural law it is going to be a difficult task.  What's more is that there are quite a few individuals out there who believe that the mortal human sorcerer is only able to produce effects within a certain range of possibility.  This viewing of human potential as defined by barriers is an approach that is self-deceitful and severely limits the capacity for one's own level of personal mastery.


The first thing everyone who practices the occult arts needs to understand is that the demanding practices of the magickal path are not instantly self-gratifying.  You will need to spend a great deal of time learning; researching, developing hypotheses, in preparation and in ritual execution, taking notes, cross referencing and going back again to the ritual circle to perfect it.  Achieving adepthood takes decades to breach the surface of mastery.  This simple fact is why we ask on Cabal Discipleship petitions if you're willing to take the necessary time to study and practice in order to achieve apotheosis.  Anyone can dabble and play; achieving mild to moderate success and manifest some basic forms, weak spirits or see a hint of success in producing their desired effects from ritual.  It is the individual who devotes his or her life to the arts who will actually achieve apotheosis.  He will conjure his Demons and Spirits to full physical bodies before him and see the future unfold according to his mandates.  To think that by simply opening up a grimoire and instantly being able to produce the results as described is just beyond the substance of these arts.  Certainly, while the adept could see near instantaneous results, the likelihood of even that is rare.  You aren't simply filling your glass with water and drinking, nor are you just lighting candles and incense.  The words we speak are not hollow.  In order to achieve success, everything must be aligned and must be empowered beyond sensory comprehension.


Being in any organization or area of study long enough and you will have heard every degrading commentary as well as every claim to its splendor.  The magickal arts are no different and neither is the Cabal or Black Court Magickal Works.  We have heard every remark that claims that the only true path is chaos magick, or that those Spirits don't exist; only these ones do.  The arguements rage between theistic and atheistic Satanists who banter regarding the truth and where the real power lies.  Further, most adhere to the old ways where grimoires were laden with Judeo-Christian-Islamic perspective so that "you'll only be successful in your work by calling on these 'Holy Names' to bind and compulse said Spirit."  Honestly, while all of us have our own thoughts on the concept, the very basic and standard rule of the foundation for this type of work is that everything takes time.  It takes time to build, to gain power and momentum, to break through myriad barriers and around obstacles, and lastly, to utterly defy time, space and physical law.


Consider martial arts practitioners who are able to channel their ki so directly that they can push people over without ever having touched them.  Look at monks who sit in the frozen depths of winter wearing only their thin robes yet they're able to keep themselves warm through energy projection.  Think about desperate parents who have lifted a vehicle off of their children to save them from being killed in a car accident.  These are all extraordinary feats.  However, two major concepts are at play here.  The first is that all perceived law in this realm is entirely subjective.  Nothing is real.  The second is that in these moments, the individual performing these superhuman feats are so into their spirit that nothing outside of it has any power over them.  This means that in these moments there is nothing that is in their way.  "What must be done is done."  I would venture to say that in your times of great success there was something either so pressing on you that you knew that success was a form of survival or that you simply felt so much power stirring within and around you that you just knew triumph was moments away.


Take a step back now and look at the occult arts.  We study so much in order to ensure that everything is in place just so.  We want to ensure that all that we do in ritual is perfect so that success is ensured.  We fret over having the exact colors, attire, tools, and so forth.  By now, we've placed so much emphasis on the asthetics that we've separated ourselves from the spiritual side.  Remember these thoughts before you decide to get into your next ritual or series of rites.


I. Preparing for ritual is part of the ritual.  Your mind may be functioning to learn, memorize and gather the necessary tools, but it should still remain focused on the coming ritual.


II. Accept that this will likely not manifest instantly.  Remember all of the obstacles your projected spirit must overcome to manifest your desire.  Therefore, self-gratification must wait until such time that your will has fully manifested.


III. Doubt is failure.  Because thoughts and beliefs of faith exist and manifest on a higher vibrational plane, to acknowledge failure in any form will exponentially empower it in the physical realm.  Therefore, you must remove all doubt, all "what if" scenarios from your mind, and you certainly need to remove your mind from the physical realm.  When preparing for and more importantly, when performing your rites, you need to essentially exist on a spiritual realm.  I'm not saying to transcend time and space (that can be through apotheosis), but to have your thoughts and spirit aligned and working on a level conducive to successful magickal-spiritual work.


IV. Accept what has been done.  Regardless of how unimpressive or mind-blowing your ritual experience was, accept it for what it is: a very direct projection of psychic energy and spiritual power.  You don't always have see fire raining down from the sky to know you've succeeded.  Sometimes our greatest victories are foreshadowed by the subtle flashes of visions, thoughts, or of things we know nothing of.  Watch for signs in dreams, physical reactions by those you've thrown your rites over, circumstances to start changing.  Again, things take time so watch and enjoy observing the world unfold to your will.


V. In works of quick spells or auto-casts such as are seen in some of our grimoires by implementing a spoken word of power and either a gesture or quick rite, again, throw it and allow it to work.  These naturally require more energy, direction of power, and masterful control, but for the adept in training, it can definitely require just what is described and grant everything and more than what is noted.


VI. Understand the two-fold machination of magick.  Nothing is real.  Nothing is impossible.  These two concepts can contradict each other, but it is in this paradox that we see just how limitless our potential and capacity for creating a world of our own design truly is.


It is my sincere hope that having taken the time to read this rather lengthy article that you will take to heart some of what's been said.  Utilize it to the fullest and let nothing stop you.  By understanding the deeper nature of magick, we can learn to stop expecting anything, but also to know that once our work is done, it will manifest in it's proper season.  Those who preach against what we [all practitioners of the occult arts] do simply need to experience that reality through their eyes, hands, ears, mind, heart, and spirit.  And those who speak to the impossibility of the depth of our [Maergzjiran] craft, they are simply limiting themselves and refusing to believe in the capacity of their own potential.  Let no one detour you from achieving success in your works.  Let nothing stand in your way.  Let the threads of this world be rewoven under your will to be the tapestry of your life's work; a kingdom of your own.


          Hail the God Within

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