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On the Summoning of Demons

October 8, 2017

At the time of this writing, I have now spent over two decades studying the occult.  While this is not as much as some, the important factor is that what I have learned has taught me well and as I have learned, I practiced better.  Each endeavor has taught me something I did not know before, but it was not so much in the latter half of these decades that I was learning through application, but from the Spirits and Demons which I had worked so closely with that were teaching me directly.  As a scholar of any subject, one needs to understand the full context of the area of his or her focus.  Therefore, I find it disturbing to read the manner in which Demons are evoked.  Judeo-Christian-Islamic teaching has always set itself in direct opposition to Satan, Lucifer, Shaitan, the Demons, Spirits, Djinn and the maleficars who call upon them.  This villainizing lead to the hijacking of sacred occult texts which were intentionally edited to lead the magician to ruin, or worse yet, to call up the divinities from other realms through abusive incantations, crushing words of power, and threats of harm by rattling off the names of their "Holy" god.  These texts were then redistributed into society to pollute the reservoirs of wisdom.  The genuine sorcerers were either persecuted or were lead down paths of self-destruction by forming toxic, abusive relationships with Demons when in reality they should have been allies in the great spiritual revolt.


The term "demon" takes its root in Latin meaning a spirit guardian, whereas "angel" referred to a spirit messenger.  Therefore, it seems absolutely absurd to see Demons as we know them today; those divinities such as Cernobog, Shaitan, Asmoday, Lucifuge Rofocale and Senerron as being evil when if anything they are merely resentful at how they've been treated for millennia.  Consider for a moment that you've been asked to come to the residence of an acquaintance to help repair their home.  Upon your arrival you are thrown into a cage, held at gunpoint and threatened with torture or death if you don't do what you're told in the repairing of the house.  Further, you are expected to fund the project, perform all of the jobs yourself, do so with impossible swiftness, and to be completely compliant.  The weak would simply take it and become another victim.  However, the strong-spirited individual would either fight to the death, seek revenge, or ensure that even though the job is done, it would be shoddy in order to see the house fall in on their assailant.  This rings strikingly similar to the concept that calling upon Demons will lead to you having to pay far more for that little triumph they granted you.  Does this make sense?  It certainly should!  If not, you should walk away from the occult entirely and stick to basic, menial jobs until you die.  Why?  Because clearly your mind is too distorted to understand this base concept of respect.


Sorcerers who find the greatest levels of mastery, success and mutual benefit with the Spirits and Demons they summon forth uphold extremely respectful relationships with them.  We call up to our spiritual betters; the divinites who have existed long before this world's creation with humility for we are not anywhere close to their majesty and might.  They know far more than we could ever hope to, therefore when we seek them out, we do so in a way that lets them know we are genuine in our search and hold them in duly high regard.  It is also we magi who do not experience backlash or the cliché revenge of angry Demons.  Instead, we enjoy their patience, wisdom and powerful influence in our lives.  We enjoy their direct approach without distortion or double speech.  We are able to partake in honesty, life-changing blessings and a guide who will help us achieve new levels of mastery on our way toward apotheosis absolute.

Next time someone touts about the only true way to mastering sorcery through the old grimoires, remind them that they're part of the problem.  Throw out your Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, Lemegeton, Heptameron, Grimoire of Armadel, Grimoirium Verum, and the like.  Whenever you read a grimoire and the author starts spouting off about conjuration through Jehovah, Adonai, and "God", throw that tome into the fire as well.  Break the curse that unknowing sorcerers have brought upon us.  We live in a new era and we should be reasonable and intelligent enough to see through the lies.  Show your Demons and Spirits the respect they deserve and watch as your craft erupts with unfathomed power.


            Hail the God Within

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