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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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The Immortal Life

October 8, 2017

Think back for a moment about your life.  Try to consider yourself as a child.  What did adulthood seem like then?  What fantastical ideas did you convince yourself would be yours to savor just as soon as you were old enough to accomplish them?  When you aged and grew into the socially required lifestyle you've been conditioned to believe is what you had to live your life by, do you ever think back to when you were a child and wish you had just followed those innocent desires instead of upholding the status quo?  I think for most of us, that is a certain truth of life.  What if I told you that you could have all of those desires for adventure, power, security, and personal satisfaction that you had as a child?  When I offer this to many new Disciples and the curious, I am usually met with expressions of humor as if I was joking or setting them up for a gag.  This is not so.


There are no set rules for life.  There are no limits to what can be achieved as a human being.  Unfortunately most of us are content to live in bubbles of superstition, in fear of offending, fear of actually succeeding, disappointing someone in our life, or we just don't think its possible.  Honestly, most people, when asked if they had everything they wanted out of life, what would they do, they explained that they didn't know.  What a sad fate.  I have a powerful message for you.  You can have everything in your life exactly as you want it on your terms.  You can be healthy, powerful, wealthy, have a significant other, success, and joy in abundance.  No, this is not a feel good message from a prosperity preacher, but a real statement about what can be done with your life.  The common denominator; the only factor that governs the outplaying of your life is you.  What will you do?


Psychologists suggest that we need to reprogram our brains so that we no longer feed our insecurities and fears and start feeding our ambitions.  This is entirely true.  Spiritualists suggest that much of what we perceive as bad luck or good luck is indeed semi-intelligent manifestations of our subsconsious; egregores.  Egregores are given life, purpose, function, and a concrete ability to influence our lives based on what we personally believe.  So, the next time something wrong happens in your life; a life you've been battling against, consider that you may have actually subconsciously willed that event to take place.


In the Cabal, we learn to discern how the actions of our being influence our lives.  We study the material world of matter, flesh, and currency versus the immaterial; thoughts, the will and the subconscious, the spirit, and the functions of the deeper self.  We do this to achieve apotheosis; a self-deification of sorts where we have created for ourselves the life we want in the body we want to live it in.  In this way, we redefine everything that makes up the world around us and how this has to be: all according to our rules and mandates.  We seek perfection and mastery of self so that we can overcome all obstacles that present themselves regardless of its nature or the required actions for a resolution on our terms.


Life doesn't have to be a struggle.  Life can be extremely fulfilling if you just knew how to tap into the correct sources of power.  We can teach you.  And you can have the Immortal Life.

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