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The Mantle of Infernal Authority

October 8, 2017

Power is seen in two ways.  The power exuded through action and the subtle radiance of the imposing individual.  Scientifically speaking, power is the rate (energy amount per time period) at which work is done or energy converted.  Therefore, we are encouraged to increase that rate of power applied to all things that we do as we become the apex predator.  Allow me to make this concept very clear...  The Apex Predator is an individual who, through his or her personal operations has been able to establish oneself at the pinnacle of the proverbial food chain.  This applies to how one handles themselves in relation to society at large and in more intimate situations, their stance toward government, religion, and most personally in their works of apotheosis.  They place their whole self at the top and let nothing push them out of that seat of supremacy.  Power in the active sense is seen in how hard we try to accomplish something.  Yet, in this article, I want to you to understand a very simple and subtle way of projecting that power.  Its what we call the "Mantle of Infernal Authority".


Consider if you will for a moment the various legends of the "Devil" as he appears to make some type of pact with an unwary mortal.  He appears boldly, confident, sure of his work.  He is upright and level-headed.  Typically, he appears in lore as a man dressed in the most elegant fineries of the time; not a single fiber of his attire out of place.  How many world leaders and corporate movers and shakers dress in a manner that reflects upright character and power?  This is an important lesson.  Military officers all dress in similar fashion with their dress shirts and finely tailored coats and trousers.  Their boots are clean and possess a mirror shine.  This is a reflection of power and discipline.  Atop this, black is also the most psychologically associated color with the concept of royalty, kingship, wealth and executive power.  This is why we dress in black and dress in suit and tie.


When Cabal Disciples leave home, they are expected to dress in a fashion that displays power.  They are expected to represent their order in a way that signals to everyone else that we are folks who take the time to do it right and to show our discipline.  As was already noted, men in the Cabal typically keep a nice, clean shine to their shoes and boots.  Again, this requires dedication and discipline to do.  By these subtle cosmetic additions to oneself, the individual immediately begins to project an aura of power and authority.  However, all is undone by the individual who foolishly speaks or misuses his native language.  Therefore, we also aim to develop a more extensive vocabulary and to speak when it is appropriate.  Words are also power and therefore, we urge our Disciples to reserve themselves and to act when action is required.  Hold back unnecessary urges to speak or act out of turn or ignorantly.


One should never reveal their aces, nor tout about who or what they are.  Much of what we do in person is done on a subtle level or through the unseen magicks of our craft and spirit.  When one brings the proper image, word and intent to the fore, nothing is impossible.  In most cases, people are naturally inclined to listen to what such a powerful person has to say and their value to others is immediately set at a much higher degree.  Therefore, the next time you're about to head out for a night on the town, consider what you want to project to those around you.  While others' opinions matter very little if at all, consider if you wish to be perceived as a wolf or a sheep.  If you take on the Mantle of Infernal Authority, you're projecting your own aura in the same way as the Black God, Cernobog, Shaitan, and every man and woman of power and respect in history.  Before you turn from that mirror, offer a prayer to your Demon or Spirit who resonates such power and authority.  Invoke their dark majesty and then step forth as the Apex Predator.

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