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Mystic Power of Sonic Energy

October 29, 2017

Not long ago, scientists believed that the smallest components of matter were subatomic particles. However, through the magic of mathematics, most physicists now believe that the fundamental building blocks of the universe are not point-like particles, but one-dimensional, vibrating strings.  It is the particular vibrational frequency of the independent strings which creates things like fields and subatomic particles. This is called String Theory, and being a valid theory indeed, it means that the entire material universe is at its most fundamental level, the result of sound–an infinite number of tiny vibrations coming together to form one massive symphony that is the multiverse. 

While physicists are pretty sure that these vibrating strings are creating our material universe, they still don't know who or what started the strings moving in the first place, or why a string vibrates at a particular rate at all.  We as sorcerers and occultists have our own particular ideas... (Adulas Akraeoth!)  However, recent research has shown that the these vibrations are not random and chaotic as many physicists have suggested. These findings suggest that there may be an intelligence at the heart of String Theory.  This supports the wide range of research completed thus far which asserts that the sea of vibrating strings that make up the fabric of space-time is not only alive with information, but perhaps is the field of consciousness that connects all existence.

In essence, consciousness creates reality. 

If you've spent any time on the internet studying quantum theory, chances are you may've come across Dr. Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiment, wherein he evaluated the shape of crystals formed by water taken from various sources ranging from municipal pipelines to natural springs.

His research showed that the more natural and pure the source, the more beautiful the water crystal formed.  He took this study further when he exposed the water to different forms of music, as well as a variety of words and phrases.  He found that harmonious music and positive words resulted in beautiful symmetrical ice crystals, whereas disharmonious music and negative words resulted in asymmetrical, chaotic-looking ice crystals.  His findings suggest that both sound and consciousness have an effect on creation and structure.

Even if we don't fully understand the science behind it, and even if we only look at it from a psychological perspective, nobody can deny that words have power. What we say affects the minds and hearts of those around us. They also affect how we see ourselves and experience life.

Demons have long sworn by the power of the spoken word; using the demonic speech (whispers/words of power) vibrated at the proper tone and with a keen oration will create the sonic vibrations which alter astronomical dark energy and can cause the energies of any plane to shift into submission with the will of the voice that spoke them.  This correlates directly with string theory through the lens of mysticism and when one is able to suspend their disbelief, they can observe the tangible manifestation of how conscious belief paired with aligned words operate to create the desired outcome.  This is sorcery.


Understanding this very real concept, we are left with only one question...

How will you use your power?

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