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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


© 2010-2019 Black Corps Ascendancy / The Maergzjiran Cabal.

All information contained herein is the sole property of the AGM (Raszarith).

Expectations of Disciples

November 20, 2017

It was mentioned on the old Sanctum and so its being reiterated to ensure that you are aware of the Discipleship process...


You showed us an initial desire to be a member of our Order by submitting a petition and remitting the fifty dollar process fee. After we approved your petition, you were given access to the Sanctum and the right to attend events. However, this is where many Disciples stop. They become Disciples in name only. They do not contribute to the discussions or add to the Cabal's knowledge base. Instead, they sit back and expect to be spoon fed the teachings of the Towers and for the Masters to police them like school children. This is not how it works here.


If you've come this far to have made such a decision about your spiritual path and ultimate future—which is an extremely important personal decision—then you should possess enough self-guidance, ambition, and respect to follow protocol and go forth; speaking to your fellow Disciples and the Masters and Imperators. You'll do research about the Towers and perform the foundational rites to find where you belong in the Cabal, not just where you think you need to be or where you want due to a slight affinity for a certain Tower's ritual foci. As an example that Ascended Oracle, Raszarith had spoken on a time ago...


"Too many Disciples come to the Void, thinking this is where they belong because they want to astral project or achieve Void Mind. What they overlook is that they need these fundamental skills in all Towers and indeed, if given the opportunity to follow their spirit, they would come to gain similar or more fitting spiritual talents in a Tower that their ascended spirit calls to."


This means that you, the Disciple will take the time necessary to explore each of the Towers and find which most resonates with your ascended spirit, NOT your mundane preferences. And so you will embark on your initial discovery until such time as you've found your place.


Like college, you've paid to be here to study and so the burden lies on your shoulders to come to the altar regularly, study hard, show your teachers and Masters the due respect for having come before and cleaved the path to apotheosis so that you can be taught the fullness of that path. Therefore, as a Disciple doing their part, you will do the following...


  • Come to the altar nightly for meditation and/or ritual;

  • Show due respect to your brethren, especially The Ascended Masters/Vassals and Imperators;

  • Follow the mandates of the Blighted Lords and Ladies as communicated through the Ascended Masters. Understand that while they may communicate lesser wisdom to Disciples on the rare occasion, mandates, rituals, words of power and such godly things are communicated through their Ascended Vassals which are here and here alone. As the Cabal has been entrusted to the Ascended Vassals, the honors of becoming Blighted are contained along the path of apotheosis which is communicated through the Cabal's teachings;

  • Refrain from indulging in apostatic and mercenary behavior, sharing our information elsewhere, betraying the Chains of the Abyss; the Tenets of Etiquette, or Icosahedron;

  • Report and silence the foolish lies and misinformation of apostates, charlatans, and enemies of the Cabal;

  • Remain humble. Arrogance and ego pollutes the spirit and quickly leads one down the road of becoming an apostate;

  • Ask for help or clarification. If something doesn't make sense or seems beyond your abilities, talk to us. Do not seek to handle it on your own to prove something or define something by your own terms. This will only lead to trouble. The Blighted want us to make these arts of sorcery our own, but not to seek to change their definition or pass them off as something they are not, because the individual cannot grasp or channel them in their purity;

  • Follow the path as given. We will not give you all of the information and ritual at the onset. That is a foolish act which would allow the exploitation of the Blighted's wisdom and power by charlatans, apostates and enemies alike. Everyday you must prove yourself to yourself, the Black Council and the Blighted Lords and Ladies. You will therefore be rewarded with new ritual and blessings as you progress along your path. That said, again, remain humble, steadfast and avoid the instinctive desire to indulge in imaginative projection or blocks that can form;

  • Remain patient. We are constantly busy working for the Blighted in the myriad ways they mandate for us and so we must do as commanded by our Lords and Ladies. That said, we will contact you, but not always immediately. Sometimes we allow you to work with a technique or ritual for a time until we observe its manifestation. As a Disciple you need only continue according to the last communication we had with you. Too often, Disciples expect that with the instruction we give that the rites are a "one-and-done" undertaking and then they can move to the next rite or degree. This is never true. You must prove your proficiency before we will give you more to work with. Impatience is another stronghold that ruins Disciples. Exercise patience as it will further benefit everything else you do on this path. Further, impatience—rooted in entitlement—will not be tolerated and a Disciple who cannot control their impatience may be dropped as a student.

This is not a difficult list of tasks to adhere to. Many apostates and naysayers have sought to sully our reputation by saying that we're a controlling cult, that we never teach the full wisdom and path, or intentionally withhold information. This is spoken by mercenaries and apostates who sought to project themselves above the Blighted and indulged in their own sense of entitlement. Like always, their masks are removed for all to see. No one is entitled to anything. Ever. Service to the Blighted and steadfast vigil in the name of Maergzjirah will yield the full path before you, your ritual arsenal will be complete and tailored personally to the god within, and apotheosis will one day be yours.

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