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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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Three Stories of Bullshit — Exposing Frauds & Apostates

November 21, 2017


Greetings Brethren and those of the occult community,


Before we begin, a brief introduction… I am the Archivist and a fellow co-author of the Maergzjiran Cabal amongst my many other duties. I'm here to respond to the three tales of bullshit that was recently posted in a feeble attempt at defamation by the time this video is uploaded you will have seen the information I'm going over right now.


You see, character assassination is a tool that the weak turn so let’s start with Asbjorn, Xerliin, or Mr. Taylor. In addition to the proof and scams I recently posted he's been speaking this lie that in our order he wouldn’t kiss ass or bow.  Since when have we a Left Hand Path organization ever promoted this? But seeing as people lack the capacity to think for themselves these days I will expose the truth the real reason he was thrown out. It was because he was a fraud who was exposed; who manipulated and deceived the public into buying talismans made from fictional seals from video games and fictional literature and claimed he invented them. His personal story with his own occult teachings are hilarious. First, he was a beginner a year ago claiming to be a necromancer, bokor, now he's a Norse sorcerer. We even have testimony from your ex as you tried to play puppeteer in the background even using BALG (Become A Living God), stealing information from Jeffrey Scott Deuel and reverse engineering so to speak, his [Jeffrey] words, ours, and others. He keeps changing the years that he has practiced; contradictory to everything he thinks he knows attempting to teach me about my own ancestors! The very description of his video is hilariously ironic and fitting for it’s a projection of himself: his past lies and excuses, then accused us of being fictional along with its spirits. With his fellow idiot Mr. Scott hiding in the background claiming we are a D&D cult. Now I did my research about what this game actually is because I didn’t play board games. It uses names found all over the occult community such as Demogorgon, the deific mask of Shaitan, along with Asmodeus and a few others. Hell, I even saw in a group the other day about how the Goetic demons are fictional egregores of the past which is more fallacy. As like the Maergjiran spirits, they predate humanity altogether. The original wicked sovereignties predate you as they were the first seducers, the first idolaters, and sorcerers to manifest here.


Asbjorn has literally tried to ride Somnus’s coattails by using the prison mechanism in the occult world. The prison mechanism is where you think you’re in prison and you’re going to walk up and insult someone who is known in an order to get views and business. He was always trying to underhandedly steal information from everyone and teach it… for a price. Which is also shown in my proof. Even trying to crawl back after spreading these said lies. You really have to do your research. There will always be rumors. Last year it was: we were white supremacists… which was spread by James which I also have proof of. That’s what he subscribes to. We got tired of answering emails asking “Why is this Imperator a racists POS?” What do I look like to you? And I've been here for over a decade. Scott kept trying to bind Somnus's wife and failed miserably. He’s been in the background spreading fallacy for years because he couldn’t get the girl so he wants revenge. Mr. Aziz also backed it. He was thrown out because of his support of it along with using Javanese entities and names of Allah to conjure the spirits, which is oppressive to things that are helping you. I love the way they ended the video with this whole false statement that we've been trying to off you. This is the same method Christians use when they are trolling practitioners online, stating, “Curse me”, wanting proof, but we all know the way sorcery works.


See, when you're branded you are disconnected from the current by the predecessors of the order itself. You could call them elders. I've even met the one of my own Tower, and before that I even had my doubts. Any suffering that is caused after that by the spirits is of their own design. What spirit is going to work with you if you can’t uphold a simple pact? They were removed for being proverbial shit in the wellspring. Any "sorcery" they experience after the brand is merely the stimuli of candles and incense. Each of you are looking quite drained and soulless, which begs the question: ‘What occurred to make the frauds flock together?’ It’s amusing how many of you were outing one another before the video was even put out, and months in advance. I predict you'll feebly attempt a back and forth argument with me like the adolescent children you have proven yourselves to be, but I have very little time for your idiocy. You've been exposed on scam sites and so much more already and I'll continue to do so.


Everyone, I've been watching, documenting these frauds for a long time. The only one semi-innocent is Dan, because he was manipulated by him and many others who were kicked out for a very good reason. Please think for yourselves and if you want even more proof of the others it will be on display. I may post another video or two if I have time.


Long have I watched you and many others as you entered, like I do all Disciples. Upon you entering, the first thing you did was get an interview of the A.G.M and put it up on YouTube which I found strange for someone so young and wants to learn sorcery. I then watched from afar as you regurgitated teachings that weren't your own but you claimed they were. I then observed your talisman work which are stolen seals.


I then watched in absolute awe as you claimed to have special knowledge over necromancy which was actually teachings from the Cabal. As you claimed they were your own… which was mixed in from fictional books such as the “School of Necromancy”. You even claimed your tattoo was something you invented on camera with Somnus, but it's ripped straight from the cover of the book and RPG no less, as well as the False teachings within which meld well when the information is peddled and worded correctly.


I've seen that you are but a child playing magician and trying to make a quick buck by claiming mastery. You even named Disciples from the Cabal on your personal FB page known as Xerliin Praxis Services. You were an inactive Cabal member who used the title of the Cabal for your own personal gain. First you were a necromancer, then a bokor trying to teach me of all people about my own ancestors, and now a Norse practitioner. You admitted to not having any training. Your lies continuously contradict one another in every aspect, even admitting to using seals from fictional games such as Bloodborn and other games which you accused us of doing. Your words are hilariously ironic and fitting for they are a projection of your own failures, lies, and excuses.


"The void sees all, pretender."


This kid has deceived you all. I feel sorry for any who has purchased his workings or fell for the hype. These seals are ripped straight from RPG shit and many others agree with me on that matter.


If any want more information, merely ask. I only have so much room to post I can't post everything.


Watch out for those Frogs, err… I mean frauds LOL

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