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To achieve apotheosis, learn and be not deceived ever again.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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Hate Meditation: Igniting the Spirit Inferno

March 4, 2017

Hate.  Rage.  Malice.  One begets the next, and so in our quest for spiritual purity, we must learn to make the absolute most of our emotions stemming in anger, fear, frustration, and passionate hate that burns in our chests.  One cannot find any modicum of tranquility when they are bombarded with conflict and incessant aggravations.  Stress is commonplace for modern society, but unlike the social justice, political correctness, and abundant safe space world we're expected to abide, we absolutely will not.  Instead, we allow our hate and rage to fuel us toward achieving our ambitions.


Honesty with oneself is the essential cornerstone to successful hate meditation.  Do not lie to yourself and the Spirits, acting as though you are a kind and gentle person; devoid of anger, or a sincere desire to unleash your fury on your enemies.  The singular reason people do not act on their hatred is due to the fear of retribution.  No one wants to be imprisoned for doing what comes so natural to us, but rather than use it to fuel any form of productive channeling, we instead bottle it up until one day it erupts without warning, manifesting either in a psychotic break, or through major health failures such as heart attack and stroke.  In the end, your enemies have bested you yet again.


In the Cabal's Tower of Pain, we focus heavily on learning to channel our hatred and rage into protections, cursing, waging war, and ultimately destroying everyone and everything that stands in our way of accomplishing what we desire.  The very foundation of this is the Hate Meditation.


If you can perform this before your altar, great.  If not, do it while you're driving, staring at your screen in your cubicle, in the bathroom at work or school, wherever.  Conflicts arise everywhere, so we mustn't wait to make the most of it.  While your anger is freshly ingested, close your eyes, or if either more appropriate or necessary, gaze at something that you can focus your rage into.  Conjure every last minute thing you can; every memory of instigation, conflict, failure, fear of failure, worries, sorrows and hurt, and allow them all to coagulate in your mind.  Let them fester in your stomach.  Do you feel like you want to cry, scream, vomit, or choke someone?  If not, let it linger until you can't take it any longer.  When your rage and fury has built to a point of eruption, you can do one of three things.


  1. Channel it into a rite such as a powerful protection rite, or a devastating curse;

  2. Unleash it by spreading the energy deep into the spiritual cores of yourself.; or

  3. Go on the physical offensive i.e. destroy someone with your bare hands

The first form is to push all of the energy outward into a sigil, effigy, rite, or if you're out in a public setting, you can push all of that energy at someone, such a coworker that just pissed you off with a snide comment or subversive insult, a bully at school, or even the nice old nun that asked if you wanted to buy a calendar to help fund her convent's food kitchen.  We really don't discriminate, and we understand that virtually anyone can become a target for your anger under a multitude of circumstances.


​​The second form is to conjure everything within, fists clenched, body tight and possibly even shaking.  Teeth held like a vice grip together when you explode with a dominating yell, whisper, exhalation, or even profanity.  However, as you do, you allow the energy to flow forcefully through every arm and finger, leg and toe, through your crown.  As the energy settles, you will have a revitalized focus and an immense amount of energy.


​​The third way is quite straightforward.  You've been pushed to the point of all-out malice, the culprit is before you.  While acting while in a state of total rage is not always the best thing to do outside of the ritual chamber, sometimes you just can't quite make your point without crushing a few features in someone's facial structure.  Give them everything you have, unleashing your pure malevolent intent upon them with your body, weapons, and all the while screaming your hatred.  Perhaps clean up will be a daunting task, but maybe they'll run for the hills, never to bother you again after they've been completely broken under fist.  This is also a good method to utilize if you are in any sort of combat sport as you can imprint your enemy through mental projection over the face of your sparring partner.


Ultimately, we must learn to use our hatred or it will eat us alive, causing us immeasurable problems, both internally and externally.  You've heard people talk about making lemonade from lemons when the cruel mistress known as "life" decides to gift you with something, so use it however you must.  Instead of lemonade, you'll crush the lemons in hand, squirting the burning citric acid back into her eyes, leaving her blind so that you can beat her into submission, and choke the life out of her.  Restrain not, but temper your rage with wisdom and you shall learn one of the cardinal rules of being a demonic god in human flesh.

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