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Pain Meditation: Hate Meditation 2.0

March 8, 2017

If you've ever been in a confrontation, you know that pain will either break you down into a cowering flesh heap, or it will drive you into a ferocious rage.  Today, we will look at how we can utilize pain to push us further into our Hate Meditations and carnage rituals, but also how we an use it to make ourselves stronger, and even heal ourselves.

In the initial Hate Meditation article, I gave you some ways to utilize your anger, hatred, and rage in a productive manner.  Now, we take it one step further.  For some of my readers, I am aware that this will be usual knowledge, but for those of you who aren't as explorative, or even squeamish, its going to open a new avenue for you to look into.  Keep in mind that everything we do is with purpose, and while some may derive pleasures from this, ultimately, we're looking at it from the spiritual perspective with regards to using it for ritual.  As I said in the opening sentence, pain can and will push you into a state of focused rage when you feel pain.


What You Will Need...

1. A flogger, or other flagellation instrument

2. More extreme torture devices, and/or restraints, sensory deprivation devices, etc. (optional, as desired)

3. A partner (optional)


In today's culture, BDSM and violent sex is considerably more "normal" with it being romanticized in pop culture literature and film.  However, many of the otherwise playful and sexually stimulating acts, such as erotic torture, flogging, spanking, and retraining are rooted in the ancient art of torture.  We're talking brutality at its finest, with a well-trained torturer being able to keep the suffering of his subjects in perpetual stasis without killing them.  The pain was not welcomed, and the torture was extreme.  Inhumane as it may be, it was the key to gathering information, making examples, and instilling fear where it was needed.  The Pain Meditation makes use of this very element.



If you wish to work alone, you may do so, but it will require steadfastness to push past your thresholds.  Similarly to trying to suffocate while holding your breath, you will be inclined to relent, whereas a partner will keep pushing you to the threshold.  That said, with a partner, you should establish a safe word which is the flag for your partner to relent or stop if the training becomes too much to handle.  For beginners, a simple, soft leather flogger will suffice.  As you progress and build a higher pain tolerance, you may require a switch, striking rods, or other floggers made from rubber, ball bearings, included blood knots, chains, barbed wire, attached elements like bone shards or razors, or you may go even further with flogging knives. 


The object is not to kill yourself, but build a pain tolerance while also pushing yourself through pain to achieve a higher rage threshold.  The threshold itself is reached by self-inflicting, or a partner inflicting substantial amounts of pain upon your body (usually the back).  Start slow and build a striking rhythm.  Continue this until you've built a swift rhythm that is also making use of incredible exertion of strength.  It needs to hurt.  You need to feel the sting, the burn, the heat rise along your flesh.  Even better should this manifest in your flesh being cooled by cascading blood from splitting the skin due to repeated, sharp impact. 



It is often recommended to Disciples that they utilize some type of hate mantra.  It can be as simple as focusing your hate and pain on overcoming an obstacle while chanting, "I will not fail" with hardened authority, or focusing on the face of an enemy while forcibly screaming into the aether for him or her to, "Die!"  Let that intensity rise as you did in the Hate Meditation.  Let it bring you into a state of hyperfocused rage.  You'll begin to grow numb.  This is good.  Treat this invited pain as though it was all of the pain caused to you by this obstacle, person, trial, or other thing which has brought you to this point.  Even if you are suffering from emotional or physical pain, use this to amplify the pain.  Grow angry at it.  Turn all of your attention and wrath against this ominous "X" so that your ferocity will generate stronger willpower.  Invite more pain, scream and curse, fight back purely with focused rage and resolve deep in your spirit.  Eventually, you will reach a pain climax wherein nothing will either be felt due to total nerve suppression, or your focus is so zeroed in that the physical world cannot effect you.  This is the prime moment—just as you're hitting that climax, or pain orgasm—that you or your partner deliver the strongest blows you or they can as you unleash the purity of your fury.  Most time this will manifest in a massive, booming scream accompanied by a swift lashing out.  For instance, bolting up and seizing your ritual dagger from your altar and repeatedly stabbing a hex-marked picture of your enemy until that burst of energy leaves you utterly fatigued.


Take some time afterward for self care as you need to relax and maintain your composure.  When we rage, sometimes that berserk state of mind can make us lose focus, but just as we discussed in the Hate Meditation rite, you will need to maintain a hyperfocused frame of mind that is so singularly hellbent on resolve rather than blind frenzy.


I did say that this could be used to heal oneself or others, and fire off a multitude of spells, sigils, and so forth.  Simply let the necessity for your rage build.  Obviously, someone or something stands in your way so let your hatred build until you erupt with demonic rage.  Even when we work toward something good and helpful, we can be angry at what tries to stop it.  An example would be using this to heal a friend from an aggressive illness, or focusing your rage on lacking the funds to live the life you wanted and so you unleash a rite to better you financial status or career.  As I said in the Hate Meditation, anyone or anything can become the target of your anger under a multitude of circumstance, so unbuckle the restraints on your fury and let pain and hatred be your guide and your lifeline.

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